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The Little Woody Barrel-Aged Beer, Cider & Whiskey Festival celebrates craft barrel-aged beer, cider and whiskey from across the Northwest. The Little Woody takes place on the lawn of the Deschutes Historical Museum at 129 Northwest Idaho Ave. in downtown Bend, Oregon.

To commemorate one of Central Oregon’s hallmarks—craft beer—and lend a nod to the historic techniques used by brewers with oaken casks, The Little Woody features small-batch beers aged in wood barrels by top Northwest breweries. 

The 2022 Little Woody will also feature a tasting of small-batch American rye whiskeys and bourbons from regional favorites, live music and local food vendors.


Additional drink tokens can be purchased at the event for $1. Samples range from 2-6 tokens.

  • $5 - Designated Driver Entry

    Entry into festival only. No tasting glass or tokens included.

  • $20 – The Gnomaste

    Includes tasting glass and entry into festival with no tokens.

  • $25 – The Gnomie Homie

    Includes tasting glass and 8 tokens. $30 at the gate.

  • $30 – Go Big or Go Gnome

    Includes tasting glass and 14 tokens. $35 at the gate.

  • $40 – VIP: The Big Woody

    Includes tasting glass, 10 tokens and Little Woody T-shirt. All Big Woody ticket holders will get early access to the event on Friday night. $45 at the gate.

Participating Breweries

Click on the brewery logo to check out this year’s lineup. Read more about each brewery and keep an eye our for what will be on tap in 2022!

Participating Cideries

Click on the logo to read more about our 2022 ciders! 

Whiskey Tent

Westward American Single Malt Stout Cask

A celebration of Oregon’s legendary brewing culture, this whiskey grew out of our longstanding cask-trading tradition among a select group of beer producers in the Northwest. For as long as we’ve been making whiskey, we’ve traded our freshly-emptied barrels with some of our brewing friends in and around the Northwest, who have in turn “seasoned” them with Stout before returning them again. Our Stout Cask Finish begins with our Westward American Single Malt, and is then aged for one year in Stout casks.

Bottled at 46% ABV / 92 proof

Westward American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask

A tribute to Oregon’s legendary Willamette Valley wine country, this elegant whiskey is influenced by the region’s premier grape varietal: Pinot Noir.

This cask-finished whiskey reflects the vibrance of the Valley’s signature grape while allowing the bold, robust notes of our whiskey to shine through. Our Pinot Noir Cask begins with our original Westward American Single Malt, which is then finished for up to two years in French Oak wine casks from a handful of award-winning producers in the region.

Bottled at 45% ABV / 90 proof.

Westward American Single Malt

Single Malt, reimagined. Born of the unique culture, climate and abundant resources of the Northwest, this elevated American original demonstrates our craftsmanship and creativity. Our distinct, rich, and brazen American Single Malt — the pinnacle of whiskey. Created from locally malted barley, brewed with ale yeast for exceptional flavor, and matured to perfection in new, lightly charred American Oak barrels right here in Oregon, where our hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey.

Bottled at 45% ABV / 90 proof

Crater Lake Rye Whiskey

A true American rye whiskey, Crater Lake Rye revives the tradition of pre-prohibition small town family brands. Distilled from 100% rye grain then aged in American Oak to a rich honey color, this classic spirit starts smooth with notes of creamy toffee and vanilla, followed by peppery spices and a soft oak character.

More spirits coming soon!

About Barrel Aging

So, you like beer — why else would you be here, right? Perhaps you love the limited-release barrel-aged beers that your favorite breweries pump out once in a while, but you’re not quite sure how they’re made. Well, you’re in luck — Jon Abernathy, the president of the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization, gave us the low-down on these rich brews, notorious for their high ABV and depth of flavor.

Abernathy has lived in Central Oregon for most of his life. He’s a web developer, who writes about beer on the side — and has been brewing his own beer since the mid-’90s after being introduced to the hobby by a friend.

The first characteristic is the wood itself, which can range from subtle and mild to quite strong in character. From a flavor perspective you’ll find notes of wood (of course), but you may also find vanilla, spice, characteristics of tea, smoke, bark, and even astringency. Depending on the type of wood and if the barrel was previously used, you’ll then find different aromas and flavors that can be all over the board. Used spirit and wine barrels will typically impart strong characters reminiscent of the previous liquids they held, while new oak barrels will lean into the wood notes.

Typically it adds the step of aging the fermented beer in the barrels for a period of time that can range from weeks to years, so a standard brew might be ready to drink in 3 to 4 weeks from brewing, whereas the barrel aging will add quite a bit more time before the finished beer is ready.

While any style can be barrel aged, it doesn’t necessarily mean any style should be barrel aged. Typically strong, robust styles that can stand up to the wood and/or spirit (if previously-used barrels are employed) are among the best, such as imperial stouts and strong ales. On the other hand, many sour beer styles that might be quite a bit lighter also age quite well in barrels, because many of the organism used in the souring process thrive in a barrel environment and can produce amazing characteristics you would not get otherwise.

Any type of barrel that can be used to age spirits or wine (or other food-grade products) can be used, and are. With previously-used barrels, the beer will pick up flavors and aromas from the liquid that preceded it in the barrel– so bourbon barrels will impart bourbon characteristics to the beer. If new barrels are used, the beer will pick up character from the wood depending on what type of wood is used and how the barrel is prepapred; for instance, neutral American oak will have a minimal impact on the finished flavor of the beer, while barrels that are charred inside (as would typically be prepared for whiskey) will impart stronger flavors of char, smoke, vanilla and similar by-products of the charring process.

Yes! There are barrels available in homebrew-friendly sizes such as 5 to 15 gallons, which a single homebrewer can use quite easily. Full-sized barrels can be used as well, and in fact COHO has done some group projects where the club acquired a full sized barrel and members all brewed batches of the same recipe of beer to fill it. It can be quite a fun process with very rewarding results!

It’s hard to pick just one! One I always come back to is The Abyss from Deschutes Brewery, which is a big imperial stout that is aged in a variety of barrels including bourbon, wine, and new oak. But I also really enjoyed Crux Fermentation Project’s In The Pocket, which is a rustic saison aged in Pinot Noir barrels. There such good stuff out there from many breweries that it’s always hard to choose.

Live Music

Check out our 2022 lineup!

Friday, September 2

Appaloosa Duo


Singer/Songwriters, Dottie and Eli Ashley, invite you to enjoy their melodic, soulful and original music. Whether performing as a Duo, Trio or larger configuration, they are classified as an “Americana” group. The vibe is Folk and Country, and Appaloosa provides a soft and beautiful blend of sweet harmonies and enjoyable, easy-listening lyrics and beautiful guitar work. 

Burning Moonlight


Originating in Bend, OR Scott Foxx, Maggie Jackson, and Jim Roy show their love for music with diverse musical backgrounds. This acoustic trio shifts smoothly between spirited traditional bluegrass, rootsy folk, a little country, swing, and some London blues!



Setting roots in the high and dry Central Oregon desert, Skillethead calls forth the best of bluegrass old and new. They ground themselves firmly in the bluegrass traditions of driving fiddle tunes, layered harmonies, and single mics, all the while weaving in inspiration and originality gleaned from genres far and wide. You can expect to hear a Stanley Brothers number right alongside a stirring original or a rollicking rock cover done in Skillethead's own unique fashion. The spectrum reaches far and wide, the bluegrass universe is expanding, and Skillethead is on that ride!

Saturday, September 3

Dan Martin


Originally from New York, Dan has a meditative reggae funk vibe and soothing vocals. He plays with a multi layer loop of guitar bass and drums.

Dead Lee


Dead Lee is a Portland OR based folk duo comprised of Brian Koch (current and founding member of Blitzen Trapper) and singer-songwriter Kara Harris. The duo represents a mutual love of the darker folk and country traditions.

Travis Ehrenstrom Band


Travis Ehrenstrom was lucky enough to grow up a traditional, small-town American kid in rural Central Oregon. As he reached middle school, music replaced sports as his dreams took on a new tone. At an early age, Travis developed a songwriting style based around songwriters Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, and other folk heroes. From there, Travis wasted no time in creating his own sound and developing himself as an artist.

The Big Token Growler Fill

Fell in love with one of our limited edition, barrel-aged brews? Don’t dismay gnomies. Purchase the Big Token and fill a growler (or two!) with the remaining brews.

On Saturday from 9:30-10pm attendees who have bought The Big Token will be allowed to fill a growler of their choice from the remaining beer available on tap. Why let all of the great tasting beer go to waste?

Be a Gnomie Homie — buy The Big Token.

*Growlers cannot be consumed on the premises. For take home only.


We gnome you want one! All merchandise is available for purchase at The Little Woody merchandise tent at the start of the festival.

Check out previous years designs and keep an eye out for our 2022 merch!

Check out the 2021 Little Woody tasting glass.

2021 Little Woody T-Shirt | $22

T-shirt included with The Big Woody ticket. 2022 designs coming soon!

The Little Woody Hoodie | $42

2022 designs coming soon!


We want to see beards, hats, over-alls—perhaps even a wooden pipe. Your costume has to be COMPLETE, gnomies—a hat alone won’t cut it (even if it’s a really sweet hat).

We’ve got a special goblet for the first 200 gnomies that show up in the proper attire—dressed like a gnome!

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