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Little Woody Speaker Series 2.0

The origin of The Little Woody 9 years ago was the desire of beer visionaries to share the beers they were creating, innovative and based on their extensive knowledge of traditional barrel aging.

This year’s theme for the Series is “Founded in Tradition, Innovation Leads.”

Grab your favorite rare brew, settle into the cool of the library and prepare be entertained and enlightened by three highly creative owners from beer and cider world, on how this informs their individual creative process.

3:00 Reverend Nat

4:00 Roger Worthington

5:00 Sean Kelly

Reverend Nat West from Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Nat West is a single-minded cider evangelist and die-hard craft beer revolutionary who started Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider in his basement in 2011 and continues to dedicate his time there as Cidermaker and President. Known for his unusual American ciders and love of experimentation, Nat has created some of the most unusual ciders than no one else will make including unique products like the multiple-fermented Revival, dry-hopped Hallelujah Hopricot, quinine-bittered Deliverance Ginger Tonic and many barrel-aged and one-off ciders. In the past five years, Nat has grown the business from 1 employee operating out of his basement to 18 employees with distribution up and down the West Coast and all the way to Japan.

In addition to winning dozens of cider awards, Reverend Nat’s has appeared in many national publications including Saveur, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Imbibe, Women’s Health, Eater.com and three major books. Nat regularly teaches cider classes around the country with a strong emphasis on merging the history of cider with new directions of the industry.

Living in Northeast Portland Oregon, Nat really is an ordained minister and he grew the beard before he started the cider business.


Join Sean Kelly of Wildcraft Cider Works , as he explores the truly ancient traditions that are leading him to innovations of practice .

Sean Kelly, founder and operator at Wildcraft Cider Works helps forgotten or wasted resource become a high quality local product with a traditional profile and historic nostalgia.

Sean, 33, is a Eugene, Oregon native who grew up between Oregon and New Jersey with sporadic long travel periods abroad before coming back to Eugene in 2005 to raise a family with his partner Brianna.   He has a professional background in music, farming, construction and fine woodworking and long time passions for fermentation sciences, culinary arts, invention, travel, land stewardship and cultural studies. .

WildCraft Cider Works founded in 2014 is a combination of professional urban salvage utilization, resource management and a longtime passion for trad

itional wild fermentation of fruits, grains and plants. In addition to the fermentation of cider, fruit wine and botanicals, WildCraft also combines Sean’s culinary passions and community involvement to provide a farm to table restaurant and a platform of community sourced fruit to benefit our conservation groups.

In 2017, Sean will be expanding the cider business into the districts first planning mill as an apple mill, fermentation and packaging facility as well as expanded tasting room. Pacific Hands Woodworking will be back in operation in part of the facility at the end of 2017 continuing to provide high quality products from all wasted tree resource.

His 2 sons Owen Kelly 5, Dillon Kelly 9, are quickly learning the benefits of creating with the elements around us and are hopeful to continue the tradition for years to come.

Roger Worthington and the New Directions in Aroma Hop Breeding in Oregon

Strata is the first hop creation to emerge from the OSU-IH aroma hop breeding program. It has superior disease resistance, the promise of substantial yields, and boasts a tropical and herbal flavor profile along with a dual purpose alpha acid level that render Strata a potential stand-alone, one-stop hop.

“I felt like a proud daddy whose baby girl just won the state title in the 100-meter dash, shot put and mile,” said Roger Worthington. “With the hop breeding program, we didn’t want to bring sand to the beach. Our goal was to generate aroma hops tailored to the Willamette Valley —with a unique aroma, high yields and high tolerance to viruses. This was all part of our utopian vision to revive hop farming in Oregon and bring worthy flavors to the craft market. ”

Roger Worthington, the founder of Worthy Brewing, is also the co-founder of Indie Hops along with his childhood friend, Jim Solberg. They partnered up in 2009 and rebooted Oregon State University’s hop-breeding program with a $1 million donation. Under the leadership of Shaun Townsend, Ph.D, they have developed over 50 new aroma-centric genotypes that thrive in the Willamette Valley terroir.


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