Ordnance Brewing

We’re brewing beer for people not fads, not trends, not corporate initiatives. For people, and because of this you can trust and count on our beer every time you pick up a bottle or draw a pint. Handcrafted from top quality ingredients, creativity and a desire to provide you with a delicious pint every time. We strive to produce distinct, honest beer in diverse styles that goes beyond being merely enjoyable to being damn enjoyable.

We started out with a 7 barrel system producing about 630 barrels a year including a variety of ales and lagers. 2015 brought a bigger vision and as we entered 2016, a new brewing system was ready for installation. This new system raises our potential capacity to more than 150,000 barrels. While we have big hopes and dreams, we will grow methodically and not overwhelm our team. Keep an eye out for our beers at your local tap room and if you don’t see them, demand them.


Bloops Cousins Bloop Cousins is a different spin on our Bloops. We replaced the farm grown blueberries with Marionberries for that great fruit wheat beer experience ABV: 4.6 | IBU: 21

Ordnance Barleywine 16 This quadruple ale “16” pays homage to our Belgian cousins who number their beers rather than naming them. Brewed on a leap year, “16” was aged in whiskey barrels for 16 months. The whiskey notes blended pleasantly with dark malt aromas to create a caramelized raisin flavor. ABV: 14.75 | IBU: Not measured