We start from scratch– We grow our own grain to ensure that the quality meets our standards. Stein Distillery is family run, artisan turn-key operation that captures the “made-in-Oregon” standards. There is attention to detail in every step of the process, all done my hand.


The Wallowa Wheat whiskey: The 5yr Straight Wallowa Wheat Whiskey. It is a single barrel, small batch whiskey based of a 100% wheat mash bill aged in new American oak cask with a heavy charr. This whiskey gives off a sweet-honey aroma on the nose with a hint of the wheat mixed in there. The palate is met with a nice caramel overtone and hint of peppercorn finishing off with herbal and mint spicy notes. Short to medium finish. Unique and different from the typical straight bourbons and ryes out there.

Awards: Gold Medal, 2018 North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition and Whiskey Competition New Orleans

Origin: Oregon