The Ale Apothecary

Beer #1: Sahalie: bottled 12/29/2017 9.45% ABV

Description: We have been brewing this world-renowned wild ale up in the woods outside of Bend since 2012.  It our flagship brand and showcases our house character that is a result of the native yeast that we utilize from the air, farm-direct raw material sourcing, open fermentation in wooden vats, and long-term barrel aging as well as mashing and dry-hopping occurring in barrels as well.  The last step is the bottle fermentation with local honey for 100% natural carbonation.  It takes about 2 years to produce this complex and tart beer!


Beer #2: Ralph: bottled 3/2/2018 7.22% ABV

Description: We use 100% Oregon ingredients for all of our beers as well as foraging around the woods near the brewery.  Ralph makes use of the white fir in both the mash and dry-hopping stage (both also occur in barrels).  White fir grows at higher elevations around Central Oregon and the citrusy and resinous oil in the needles work well with the tart nature of our beer.  After barrel-aging for over a year in fresh Oregon pinot noir barrels from Domaine Drouhin, we age Ralph on fir needles for about 2 months prior to bottling with local honey for natural carbonation.