Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Organic sustainable working family farm located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington.

On Tap

Cider Selections

Solstice Saffron – ABV: 6.5% 

  • Olympic Peninsula grown saffron gives this cider its warm color and a gentle bittersweet earthiness, balanced with the rounded flavors of anise and fennel, finishing on a light lingering licorice note.

Autumn’s Blush – ABV: 6.5%

  • This cider honors a Finnriver tradition of mixing the french-style Kir cocktail and bends the lines between trees and vines. Autumn’s Blush begins with a select blend of high acid apples, fermented bright and dry, then infused with a kiss of organic black currant to add depth and a pink hue. The beauty of Autumn arises when the orchard blushes with the promise of harvest to come.

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