Wild Ride Brewing

Wild Ride Brewing

Our Wild Ride began when the idea of creating an awesome brewery came alive. A group of lifelong friends, who grew up in Redmond, started plotting the course. With no professional brewer on the team, priority one was finding the right team to create the brews. Through the ups and downs and twists and turns, we met many interesting and special people along the way. Our brewers have been brewing award-winning beers since the beginning and continue to craft innovative and fun styles!

What's On Tap

Rum Barrel Aged 3 Sisters Red Ale – 6.5% ABV / 45 IBU
  • Description coming soon!
Phil’s Pils – 5.1% ABV / 15 IBU
  • Enjoy a refreshing Pilsner after a long ride! Inspired by classic European Pilsner styles, Phil’s Pils allows your taste buds to really spin their wheels. The Saaz and Sterling hops create an aroma that is herbal with notes of spice. This beer is clean and crisp with a mellow sweet malt complexity, finishing with a touch of a dryness and low bitterness residue. When you’re off the trail, cool off with a pint of Phil’s Pils!

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