pFriem Family Brewers

Pfriem family brewers (Pronounced ‘freem”) Is a northwest, german, and belgian inspired brewery and tasting room. Pfriem artisanal beers are symphonies of flavor and balance, influenced by the great brewers of europe, but unmistakably true to our homegrown roots in the pacific northwest.

What's On Tap

La Mûre – 6.5% ABV / 7 IBU
  • In pFriem La Mûre, we mix Oregon berries and let them mingle with our white wine barrel aged ale. Aromas of blackberry pie and limoncello with notes of acai and white pepper prove a little mixing and mingling goes a long way. 
Flander’s Red – 7% ABV / 10 IBU
  • pFriem Flander’s Red is a tribute to the Burgundies of Belgium, the red ales that once captivated the country. Each glass is rich with notes of cherry, hints of passionfruit and a Pinot-like flavor that comes from the eighteen months it spent in an oak barrel. Take one sip, savor the tart finish and you’ll understand how one beer could charm a country.

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