Ordnance Brewing

We’re brewing beer for people not fads, not trends, not corporate initiatives. For people, and because of this you can trust and count on our beer every time you pick up a bottle or draw a pint. Handcrafted from top quality ingredients, creativity and a desire to provide you with a delicious pint every time. We strive to produce distinct, honest beer in diverse styles that goes beyond being merely enjoyable to being damn enjoyable.

On Tap

Seein’ Sideways – Barrel-aged Barley Wine – ABV 14% | IBU 50

  • A cornucopia of captivating caramel, decadent dates, pleasant plums, opulent oak, velvety vanilla, and a harmonic, hedonistic heat pampers the palette on this balanced, barrel-aged beer. A night cap for those who believe there’s nothing more lavish than fallin’ asleep.

Blackfiskey – Barrel-aged Imperial Stout – ABV 9.5% | IBU 60

  • A vexing visual of vanta black ink. Tendrils of cherry chocolate cake seize your senses as an oceanic abundance of oak and waves of whiskey drag you to the undiscovered depths of delight.
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