Ordnance Brewing

Ordnance Brewing

With roots growing back to the early pioneers who cleared the land to grow fruit, corn, wheat and yes… hops, our founding partners come from a long line of Oregon farmers. Today, Ordnance Brewing is an outlier, a brewery out past the far edges of Pacific Northwest population centers, far from the region’s corporate breweries and dense brewer communities – smack dab in the middle of a beer desert. Find us on draft at your local tap room or visit us at our three locations to experience the full range of our brews. ​

On Tap

Barrel-Aged Beer

Big & Grizzly – ABV: 16.9% | IBU: TBD

  • Brewed as an experiment to test the limits of our 7 BBL system. This beer started its life as a barley wine, then we started throwing buckwheat honey at it to give it a little umph. Once our house yeast started to wimp-out, we went ahead and added some re wine yeast to the mix. Were we done? Of course not. A beer this big would only benefit from 18 months in a whiskey barrel. Enjoy this one of a kind grizzly guzzle.

Other Beer Selections

Bloops Blueberry Wheat – ABV: 4.6% | IBU: 21

  • Bloops is as much a wheat beer as a fruit beer. Perfect balance of aroma, flavor and character define what some call the ideal blueberry muffin. It smells like ripe, fresh berries with a hint of spice, but that aroma blends in as a flavor component rather than being the dominant experience. Lush, balanced, quenching, an all year wheat,… with blueberries.

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