Ninkasi Brewing

Ninkasi Brewing

Independently owned. Community-driven. The brewery continues to grow while remaining fully independent and continuously focused on community. A team of two has increased to nearly 100 employees who operate Ninkasi’s tasting room, production and lab facilities, sales force, marketing teams, local distribution arm, and a donation program.

On Tap

Barrel-Aged Beer

Barrel Aged Believer – ABV: TBD | IBU TBD

Other Beer Selections

Dry Skies Brut IPA – ABV: 6.8% | IBU: 35

  • For each day of sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a day and a half of clouds or rain. It’s the perfect ratio for paradise. Dry Skies captures those fleeting days when the sky is clear and unending, and everything is golden. It’s crisp and light, with a spark of citrus, each popping bubble a tiny celebration that lifts your spirit.

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