Immersion Brewing

Oregon’s 2020 Small Craft Brewery of the Year with a made-from-scratch family kitchen and rotating award-winning craft beer on tap daily.

Devil in a Barrel – Bordeaux Barrel Aged Belgian Golden ale, ABV 9.2% IBU 30 – Belgian Golden is a classic old-world style. Higher in alcohol with a dry finish complemented by fruity and spicy esters. Aged a year in Bordeaux barrels.

Barrel Fire – Whiskey Barrel Fermented Imperial Red Ale, ABV 8.7% IBU 80 – This big malty beer also packs a hop punch of pine and citrus. It was fermented in a whiskey barrel to add flavor and round out any harsh edges. It’s the color of a fall sunset and warms you like a raging fire.

On Tap

Southern Sister Sour Ale

7.5% ABV, N/A IBU

  • Mixed culture sour ale with peaches and vanilla, aged in wine and bourbon barrels.

2020 Black Butte Cubed

14.1% ABV, N/A IBU

  • Imperial Black Butte Porter aged in Bendistillery Black Butte Whisky barrels.
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