Fort George Brewing

Fort George Brewing

Fort George opened its doors to Astoria as both a brewery and a public house, and that desire to serve the community continues to this day. The brewers and pub staff here share a common goal, to create a welcoming space where anyone in town can pull up a stool and enjoy a pint and a bite to eat. We take pride in our house-made offerings and our hospitality, and we’re always looking for improvements that bring us one step closer to perfection. It’s a goal Sisyphus could appreciate, even if he doesn’t have as much fun pushing that rock as we do rolling those kegs. And that’s why we like to call Fort George beer the best beer you’ve had today. Tomorrow it will only be better.

What's On Tap

2023 Matryoshka Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – 12.2% ABV
  • Matryoshka begins with a decadent imperial stout aged for one year in whiskey and bourbon barrels. During this twelve month period of confinement, the powerful flavor of the barrel tempers the dessert-like sweetness of the base beer to produce a rich, smooth, flavorful stout that is neither too thick, nor too thin. Matryoshka is perfectly, lovingly crafted to fulfill our finest stout dreams. Smaller and smaller variations will continue to emerge from the mother batch, conditioned on complementary ingredients, creating a family of variants to be released in February 2023. 2023 Matryoshka was aged in Westward & Westland Whiskey Barrels.

Half Liter Fest Beer – 5.6% ABV
  • The identifying characteristic of a Fest Beer is that you can drink a lot of it. The identifying characteristic of a Fort George Beer is that it contains hops. The identifying characteristic of a Stoup Beer is that it is delicious. Combine these three dominant beer traits and you get Half Liter: a pleasantly earthy, crisply carbonated, reassuringly toasty Fest Beer brewed by Fort George and Stoup Brewing that you can drink a lot of. Stoup has been brewing in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington since 2013. The Fest comes with the beer, but you have to provide your own Maßkrug.

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