Boneyard Beer

Boneyard Beer

Boneyard Beer was started with one goal in mind — make great beer. Our system is pieced together second-hand brewing equipment that we pulled from The Boneyard.

What's On Tap

Gooze Cruze – 5.7% ABV / 6 IBU
  • From Bend, not Brussels – Gooze Cruze uses Boneyard’s proprietary wild yeast culture and is aged in Seguin Moreau Foeders. This process creates a complex and balanced version of a traditional Oude Gueuze style Lambic.
Khu Larb Thai Lager – 4% ABV / 20 IBU
  • Brewed in collaboration with Wild Rose, Sen and Khu Larb Thai Restaurants. This Thai lager is single hopped with Bravo and pairs perfectly with sunshine.

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