The Little Woody Whiskey Tasting presented by Oregon Spirits Distillery

Every year we painstakingly research whiskeys to find the best available to taste at the Little Woody.

This year will be no different!

Check out our 2015 offerings:

CW Irwin bottle 2013



CW Irwin Bourbon – Oregon Spirits Distillery

Proud and lively, yet surprisingly smooth, just like its namesake. C.W. Irwin combines the spirit of the old frontier with the spirit of the new west; bold and refined harkening back to an independent, wild time. Kick off your boots, put up your feet, fill your glass with C.W. and enjoy the true flavor of the west. Bring out the unbridled spirit in you.


Becher American Rye Whiskey 90-proof – Oregon Spirits Distillery

100% Rye locally distilled, aged on site and bottled at 90-proof. It is a single barrel dump, released to celebrate the opening of The Barrel Thief Lounge at Oregon Spirit Distillers! This 3-year aged spirit has sweet ginger and tropical fruit notes with earthy cinnamon hints. It has a lasting finish with a slight vanilla taste.


Ottis Webber Wheat Whiskey 90-proof – Oregon Spirits Distillery

Ottis Webber Oregon Wheat Whiskey is made from fresh Central Oregon Wheat and aged for three years. It has a warm, lingering finish. Our distiller refers to this aged whiskey as a “bread and butter whiskey,” with notes of sweet bread and toast. It is warm on the palate with a lingering finish.



Crater Lake Rye

Time was when every town had a distillery making rye whiskey. Crater Lake Rye Whiskey hopes to revive the tradition of these small family brands that were lost during Prohibition. Crafted from 95% rye grain and pure Cascade Mountain water, the character of our rye is rich with deep toffee notes and a peppery spice that defines true American rye whiskey.


4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey

4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey is a hand selected bourbon from Indiana.  Once it’s brought here to Oregon where it continues to age in our unique Northwest climate, we put it through a series of top secret steps to redefine and improve upon it’s flavor without disqualifying it as a bourbon.4_Spirits_1176739  It’s designed to be smooth and subtle, palatable for any whiskey drinker or first timer.  The bold flavors of vanilla, caramel and spice give it that perfect combination of rich flavor and smoothness.

In addition to it’s amazing quality, at 4 Spirits Distillery we are very passionate about giving back to our community and local veteran services in Oregon and other states where we are sold. What became a mission a long time ago has slowly become a reality with the release of our bourbon whiskey, with a portion of our proceeds going to help veterans of foreign wars and their families. Within our first year of release, a minimum of 10% of the proceeds have been donated to various veteran charities around the state of Oregon, especially those that assist with reintegration services. As a new distillery, we are very proud to be giving back after one year in business and we plan to contribute an increasing percentage as we grow our brand. As of 2014, 4 Spirits Whiskey is now being distributed in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. As with Oregon, at least 10% of the proceeds will be donated to veteran programs throughout these new states.


The Glenlivet French Oak Reserve 15-YearGlenlivet-15yr-French-Oak-Reserve-Single-Malt-Scotch-Whisky

Character: The rich and exotic one
Colour: Deep and intense gold
Nose: Creamy and rich with buttery notes
Palate: Fruity, nutty flavours
Finish: Lingering trace of sweet almonds and hints of spice

Craft facts
The 15 Year Old’s distinctive character is the result of selective maturation; a proportion of the spirit is matured in a selection of French Oak casks for a limited period, so as not to overpower the final result.

The Glenlivet was one of the first distilleries to use French Oak in the whisky making process, a technique that has since been imitated by many others.

Limousin Oak, which is cut in the Dordogne region of France, is often used to mature fine wines and cognacs. In the case of The Glenlivet, its low density allows the spirit to penetrate deep into the wood, imparting the expression’s distinctive spiciness.

The French Oak also increases the intensity of the whisky, resulting in a richer and creamier finish.


Pendleton 1910 Rye Whiskeypendleton1910

Featuring round, rich notes of tobacco, charred oak and butterscotch with a spicy rye kick and peppery heat, Pendleton® 1910 Rye Whisky is rounded out by the smoothness of maple and sweet cherry to provide a weighty and balanced, yet complex, flavor profile.

The 1910 name pays homage to the year of the first-ever Pendleton Round-Up and comes packaged in an iconic 750 ml bottle with unique and intricately embossed detailing reminiscent of tooling on a saddle and features the famous Pendleton Round-Up bucking horse. It is a work of art sure to be a favorite in any connoisseur’s spirits collection.

Best served chilled or on ice for sipping and a peaceful, contemplative tasting experience, Pendleton® 1910 Rye Whisky is also great in classic whisky cocktail recipes.