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September 4-5, 2015

Whiskey Tasting

The Little Woody Whiskey Tasting

Every year we painstakingly research whiskeys to find the best available to taste at the Little Woody. This year will be no different. Check out our 2014 offerings:


Crater Lake RyeRye copy
Time was when every town had a distillery making rye whiskey. Crater Lake Rye Whiskey hopes to revive the tradition of these small family brands that were lost during Prohibition. Crafted from 95% rye grain and pure Cascade Mountain water, the character of our rye is rich with deep toffee notes and a peppery spice that defines true American rye whiskey.


Jim Beam Black bottle shot copy


Jim Beam Black

Elegant. Smooth. Refined. That’s what aging will do to a bourbon. A premium bourbon with a more flavorful character. Meant to be sipped and savored. Our premium 86-proof, extra aged bourbon spends twice as long in white oak barrels than original Jim Beam®. It’s those extra years of aging that give Jim Beam Black® its full bodied flavor with smooth caramel and warm oak notes.



CW Irwin bottle 2013CW Irwin Straight Bourbon
Crafted in Bend, Oregon, at Oregon Spirit Distillers, aged for three years in a medium char, New American Oak barrel. Purchased from the Barrel Mill, which practices sustainability in harvesting their trees for barrels, planting 3 trees for every one they cut down. CW Irwin Straight Bourbon has a grain bill of blended corn, wheat, rye and malted barley.

Distilled at 150 proof and bottled at 80 proof.

Named for the brother of Oregon Spirit Distillers’ owner – CW Irwin Straight Bourbon is proud and lively, yet undeniably smooth much like it’s namesake.

Enjoy CW Irwin Straight Bourbon neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. It is sure to become a mainstay of your home bar and what you ask for when dining out.



Baker’sBakers copy

HISTORY:     Named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of the legendary Jim Beam, Baker’s® Bourbon is seven-years-old and hand-bottled at 107 proof. Embracing over six generations of distilling experience, Baker’s Bourbon utilizes a special strain of jug yeast that has been in the family for over 60 years. This time tested yeast provides Baker’s with a silky smooth texture and consistent taste from batch to batch.

DISTINCTIONS:     The mix of grains, yeast, and seven soothing years in new oak combine to give this bourbon a deeply mellow, richly flavorful, medium-bodied taste with a delicious aroma full of fruit and vanilla. Baker’s is best served in a snifter with a splash of spring water.

  • Age: 7 years
  • Proof: 107
  • Color: Warm amber, tawny, nut brown
  • Aroma: Fruit, vanilla, caramel
  • Taste: Toasted nuts, fruit, vanilla, silky texture
  • Finish: Sweet, smooth, medium-long
  • Award: Gold Medal Bourbon



Old Forrester Classic 86 Proofbottle_86proof

Old Forester 86 Proof is made in the same classic style originated by George Garvin Brown in 1870. Twice-distilled, this remarkable spirit is crafted using a precise grain recipe of corn, rye and malted barley. Old Forester is richer in rye than most bourbons, resulting in a uniquely full, rich, genuine character. This is what bourbon is supposed to be. Year after year.



Jack Daniels Tennessee Rye
JD-Unaged-Rye-Front-Angle_ORIGINAL_1_0 copy

Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee Rye is Jeff Arnett’s exploration into the intriguing flavor drawn from premium rye. It’s the first time since before Prohibition the Jack Daniel Distillery has used a new grain recipe. Rye has always been part of the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 grain bill but it has never been the lead grain until now.

When our tasters sampled it after distillation, they said this should not wait to be released. Jack Daniel’s Unaged TN Rye is offered only in a small batch and in limited supply so the majority of the new rye whiskey can mature in Jack Daniel’s barrelhouses for future release.

Although this unaged rye is not a mature whiskey, it offers a spicy, surprisingly sweet flavor. Whiskey enthusiasts  and those who aspire to be “master tasters” are sure to appreciate its raw nature. It’s a chance to taste the unaged spirit as our master tasters do, appreciating what the grain adds to the whiskey before the spirit draws its flavor from the barrel.