Wolf Tree Brewery

Wolf Tree Brewery is located along Beaver Creek, on a working cattle ranch in Seal Rock, Oregon.  The brewery first opened its doors in 2013, operating with a 20 gallon brew system.  Since then, the brewery has expanded to a 7 bbl system and the capability to brew close to 100 bbls a month. 

The flagship beer, Spruce Tip Ale is made by using spruce tips harvested from Sitka Spruce trees located on the property.  The name “Wolf Tree” is also associated with our Spruce Tip Ale.  A wolf tree is a forestry term used to describe the biggest tree in the forest, and Sitka Spruce trees are generally the largest trees along this stretch of the coast range.   

Wolf Tree Brewery is one of very few brewery’s operating on a working cattle ranch.  The brewery is located in a rural area, and does not support a tasting room or brewpub and is strictly a production brewery.  There are drawbacks with not having a retail space, however we are able to grow a number of ingredients for our beer on the ranch and dispose of our spent grain onsite……    

Our mission is to craft unique and distinctive beers that encompass the ranch and surrounding coastal 


Donker Boom: Translated from Dutch “Donker Boom” describes a dark, suspicious, sinister tree. With this in mind we brewed a rich, malty, Belgian Dark Strong Ale and tucked it into the darkest of a Pinot Noir barrel for the last year. Cherries and both English and Belgian yeasts were added to lee the fermentation train rolling inside the darkness. The result? Sweet cherry and malty goodness with some subtle oak flavors round out this high ABV monster. ABV: 12% | IBU’s: 20

King of the Forest Oud Bruin: King of the Forest is a blend of wine barrel aged beer and fresh beer. The aged beer was stored in Pinot Noir barrels with a house facto string. Citra hops, caramel malts and lots of spruce tips were used to create this one-of-a-kind beer that combines tart fruity flavors with a malty backbone. ABV: 6.5% | IBU’s: 25

Camille’s Golden IPA: A blend of the Pacific Northwest’s most intriguing aroma hop varieties are used in this golden ale. city dn Mosaic hops create complex flavors combined with a smooth, crisp finish. ABV: 6% | IBU’s: 70 *A portion of proceeds for this beer go to benefit the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, OR.