Wildcraft Cider Works

At WildCraft Cider Works, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, artisanal dry ciders inspired by traditional and wild methodology. Insisting on whole fruit and botanicals grown in Oregon to create pure ciders without artificial flavorings, sulfites or added sweeteners. WildCraft cider is uniquely dry cider unpasteurized & bottle conditioned. We consider ourselves stewards of the outdoors; always acting consciously to ensure that our ingredients are regional.


Barrel Aged Heirloom Cider: Six unknown apple varieties harvested from abandoned homestead orchards around Lane County, wild fermented in single barrel batches and blended after 18 months of aging. Good baked apple flavors and true barrel aroma provide a nice rendition of a traditional native yeast fermented Western US farmhouse cider. ABV: 6.5% | IBU’s: n/a

Wild Plum Mirabelle: Mirabelle plums are a specialty plum from the Lorraine region of France. Prized for their full flavor and high sugar content, they have been used for centuries to make jams, wine and brandy. These mirabelles were biodynamically grown in Oregon’s beautiful Lorane valley, fermented whole, pressed and aged to make a full bodied wine. This cider is a blend of Jonathan and Gravenstein apples and Mirabelle plum wine. A rich full bodied version of the Wild Plum series. All Oregon grown all the time. ABV:7.2% | IBU’s: n/a