Immersion Brewery

Immersion Brewery is a Brewery plus a Brew-It-Yourself Pub in Bend, Oregon. We are a family-owned business, born from the desire to create quality craft beer as well as embrace the process that brings it to life. We believe anyone can become a brewer if given the right tools, a bit of knowledge and the best quality ingredients.

The brewery is large enough to supply beer for our pub with an eye on producing for outside sales in the near future. We have just enough room to put into place a barrel aging program with local Oregon Winery barrels. The beer reflects the time honored traditions of the brewers before us, and continues to push the limits of tradition in order to find our own place in this wonderful time in brewing history.


Raven Ryesn CDA: Oregon Spirit Distillers Otis Webber Barrel Aged Rye CDA, whiskey barrel aged Rye CDA, for 5 months. ABV: 8.1% | IBU’s: 30

Immersion Red Ale (aged in a whiskey barrel): Our Red Ale was aged in a rye whiskey barrel for 5 months. ABV: 8.0% | IBU’s: 39