Boneyard Beers

BoneyardBeer was started with one goal in mind – make great beer. Our system is pieced together, second hand equipment that we pulled from “The Boneyard”.


Incredible Pulp: Blood Orange Extra Pale Ale. Secondary fermentation on blood orange with a citrus hop profile and pilsner malt platform. Very citrusy and zesty. Over 84lbs of Blood Orange Puree used! ABV: 6.0% | IBU’s: 35

Gooze Cruze: Belgian-style Oude Gueuze Lambic. From Bend, not brussels –Gooze Cruze uses Boneyard’s proprietary wild yeast culture and is aged in Seguin Moreau foeders. This process creates a complex and balanced version of a traditional Oude Gueuze Style Lambic. Carbonation is achieved through a secondary fermentation in the bottle. ABV: 5.7% | IBU’s: 10