From the humble dawn of this country, when our ancestors forded wild rivers and journeyed through untouched forests, building homesteads and settlements with their families and friends; apple cider warmed their hearts and minds and spirits. Apples were valued as a harvest that brought joy and merriment, good health and good cheer. No other fruit – and no other beverage – has played such an important role in the formation and identity of America. The first apple orchard was planted in Boston in 1623. By 1767, residents of Massachusetts were consuming an average of 35 gallons per person annually. When running for Virginia state legislature, George Washington offered 3 gallons of cider to every voter. Today however, hard cider is virtually unknown, often confused with apple juice and sweet cider; a tragedy and an offense to our heritage.

At Carlton Cyderworks, we strive to rectify this injustice.

Using the finest traditional cider apples, and paying attention to every detail, we craft approachable yet refined cider; beverages that honor and respect their historical origins. We also respect our customers, and so we create modern blends and flavors that remain true to our ideals. The contents of each bottle are created through a meticulous process in which the fruit is handpicked, crushed, fermented, and bottled – every step accomplished by the labor of our three founders. This allows us to ensure the quality of our cider. We hope you actively enjoy the rebirth of this refreshing American drink.

Slake Your Thirst!